System Requirements

The first and most important item you will need in order to be successful in an online class is unlimited access to a computer.

What are the requirements for online classes?

What computer requirements are needed to take online classes? (Updated for 2020):-

-250 GB hard drive or higher.

-4 GB RAM or higher.

-2.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor.

-Windows 10 or MAC OS 10.10 or later.

-Microsoft Edge, Firefox 48 or later.

-Safari 11 or later.

-Anti-virus program (updated regularly)

-Computer microphone and speakers.

What equipment is needed for online classes?

-Your Essential Equipment Guide for Teaching Online

-A camera that can shoot video (even a smart phone can work!)

-A microphone (can be built into the camera, but we recommend using an inexpensive external mic)

-Good lighting.

-An online interface to host your videos, audio podcasts, and other digital content.

-A way to accept payments from your students.

What are the three basic technical requirements needed for an online class?

-Online Classroom Technical Requirements

-A computer running a compatible web browser.

-A connection to the Internet.

-An e-mail account.

-Speakers or headphones to hear audio from a computer.

-Virus protection software (updated regularly)

What processor is best for online class?

But if you're just basically into Zoom meetings and emails, or writing gigs and browsing, a computer with a 2.5GHz Dual Core i5 processor should suffice. This will be good enough for your child's online classes as well. For a more affordable option, you can go for a Ryzen CPU over Intel.

What speed is required for online classes?

Online learners should have at least a 1.5 Mbps Internet speed as a minimum requirement (both upload and download speed). To determine your Internet speed you can use a variety of Internet speed tests.

Is laptop required for online classes?

It's certainly ideal for online college students to have a personal computer that they can access whenever they need to, but if unexpected technical or financial problems leave you without a personal computer, you may still be able to continue your coursework.

Can I do online school on my phone?

Some online class even have special mobile learning programs that require students to use a mobile device. The popular online learning platform Blackboard even offers a Blackboard Mobile app. The option may allow students to take an online class if they don't own a computer.