Desktop publishing (DTP) is the creation of documents using page layout software on a personal ("desktop") computer. ... However, word processing software has evolved to include most, if not all, capabilities previously available only with professional printing or desktop publishing.

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What is DTP and its uses ?


Desktop publishing software (DTP) is used to create documents like leaflets, brochures and newsletters. Modern word processors have the basic features of DTP software but features such as templates and frames make DTP software better for complex page layouts . Templates – examples to base your own document on.


What are the features of DTP?


Though these features are important, the list surely does not end here.

Support for Numerous Project Types. The ability to create a variety of projects defines the flexibility of a desktop publishing application.

-Layout Tools.

-Text Tools.

-Graphic Tools.

-Printing and Sharing.


Advantages of Desktop Publishing


-Increased productivity.

-Reduced production costs.

-Improved appearance of documents.

-Enhanced creativity with an element of fun.

-Ability to produce customized documents.

-Reduced time to print.




-Image Editing, Mixing, Masking, Borders

-3D and Mirror Effects

-Multi-Color Background

-Passport Type Photo, B/W to Color

-Photo Gallery, Layer Mgt., Face Change

-Jewelry Effects, Traditional Effects

-Photo With: Pagdi, Suits, Sari, Child Dress

-Shadow Effects, Advanced Text Effects

-Marriage Photo Design, Book Cover

-Advertisement Design




-B/W and Multi-Color Designing

-Office Stationery Design

-Visiting Card, Wedding Card Design

-Poster, Brochures, Invitation Card Design

-Menu Cards, Advertisements Design

-Letter Heads, Calendar, Banners

-Bill Book, Receipt Book

-Hoarding, Flex, Packaging Design

-Multi-layer Design

-Graphical Effects